What is a good night’s sleep worth to you?

Find out by staying up all night in support of  people experiencing homelessness.

People experiencing homelessness rarely get a good night’s sleep. Many spend their nights on the street, constantly worried about violence, theft, and harassment.

Conditions in emergency shelters often aren’t much better. A good night’s sleep is just one important part of having a safe, secure home.

We challenge you to pull an all-nighter to raise awareness and money for homeless women and children!

You can take the challenge alone, with friends, or with a school or work group.

At the end of your all-nighter, post a video to your favorite social media site. Use #allnighterchallenge and let everyone know how much a good night’s sleep is worth to you.

Then make your donation to help end homelessness! All funds support Emma Norton Services, a Minnesota nonprofit providing housing and support services for homeless women and children.

For every $1,000 donated through the All Nighter Challenge, our Executive Director, Tonya Brownlow, will spend one hour on the roof of our downtown St. Paul residence to raise even more awareness for homelessness.

Visit our Get Started page for more information.